Ok I'll say it.

You're gonna get a lot of hate but I agree with you. I can't even bring myself to rewatch the VODs from C9 vs GG because I had to keep muting them. For what it's worth, I would have to do the same with some of the old casters (read: male) that have come and gone. Bad casters are bad casters, regardless of gender. There are women casters in PUBG/Valorant such as Pansy that are fantastic and are respected by the (albeit small) community. Pansy has a great read on her audience, memes really well, has some great game knowledge (for PUBG at least), and her cadence is very good when PBC, and gets the respect for it.

At an attempt for some constructive criticism that has nothing to do with the tone of LTG's voice (kind of):
She uses a lot of filler words that just make the sentences super awkward, an example is:
"Fudge comes and goes and gets right to the backline". This is paraphrasing but I notice it a lot because it's something my speech teacher worked on with me back in the day. She is especially guilty of it.

"comes" and "and goes" and "gets right to" are filler words. You just need one, and it just feels like a majority of what she's saying has no substance because of it. It's the equivalent of needing 500 words for an essay but you can only write 100 words worth due to lack of knowledge so you repeat yourself subtly, except when you do it in speech form it's very noticeable.

Weird words like "Zippity" being said unironically are just... I don't know lol. They're so awkwardly thrown in there I don't know if I should call them cringe or immature or something, I'm not sure lol. All I know is, when they're not being said ironically, it's painful lol

The weird "'tude" voice she does sometimes, e.g. "Oh yaaaaaa what ya gonna do now, Pridestalker? Yeah whats up??? What ya gonna do now?" is so off-putting.

With all of that said, I do think yesterday's casting was just an especially bad series by her. Some of her other games haven't been that bad to where I don't even want to rewatch the VOD.

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