Is it ok to rant a moment? People act like I'm stupid for supporting Bernie. It's so discouraging.

People laugh at you probably because of all the propagandizing they have endured. Here's a rundown of the sources of that propaganda. The corporate media doesn't like Sanders because he opposes money in politics and does not play political games. Those political ads now are almost 5 billion dollars per presidential election now. The DNC doesn't like Sanders because it's headed by a Clinton insider and there are establishment insiders pulling strings to get an establishment candidate. Corporations don't like Sanders because he wants to increase their taxes and reduce the US backed imperial wars like Iraq, Libya, and now Syria. Corporations make billions from weapons contracts and selling weapons overseas. Wall Street doesn't like Sanders because he wants to regulate them and remove them from government regulatory positions like the Federal Reserve board and reinstate Glass Steagall and other measures which takes away their power. Hard core Democrats don't like Sanders because he looks like a 3rd party candidate and are afraid a president Trump or president Cruz would result in another conservative Supreme Court nominee like a Roberts or an Alito, or in a nightmare scenario another Scalia, like when Ralph Nader took away votes from Gore's campaign in 2000. If Nader had not run, we would not have Citizens United today. People are afraid of that. (Although Sanders has stated he will not run 3rd party)

There are a lot of forces fighting Sanders, but these people don't decide who the next president is. The people decide. Polls show that the majority of Americans want a progressive Democrat. They want healthcare and social security. They hate corporate tax loopholes and corporate tax cuts. Interestingly, they don't actually like Clinton much and don't believe her, but simply recognize her name. That's what we're fighting against, a name. Obama had the same fight 8 years ago with name recognition. It can be done. Sanders is exactly the candidate America wants (and needs) but doesn't know it. America is being remade into a feudal society and 99% of us are becoming serfs. Obama said he represented Hope and Change. This time we got one of us peasants up there on the stage. Sanders is real change. He is another FDR. FDR won 4 terms. That's how much people love progressives. Keep fighting. The heart of America NEEDS THIS MAN.

(Also, I hate to burst your bubble about Obama, but MANY people on the left have been disappointed with him. I consider him about as progressive as Ronald Reagan. He kept the Bush tax cuts. He seems like a nice man, but he represents corporate interests, not the middle class.)

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