Okami HD on PC is 30 FPS Locked

So what do you think the Crimson Update did exactly? The whole point of the update was bringing the game to 60fps while optimizing it for older machines and adding replay support. That was the main purpose. TONS of people could not run the game properly and it was causing most people I saw trying to stream the game to play it incorrectly because it was playing at 2-3x speed due to the frame rate issues. Old gameplay footage of the game looks ENTIRELY different than post patch gameplay. Post patch gameplay is clearly MUCH smoother. Also, if nothing was changed with the FPS why did the fundamental physics of the game change to the point that cycles and enemies functioned differently? How would that have changed if the game was still running the same as before?

Look, I'm not gonna argue about this. I played this game enough to have WR on the first 6-7 stages before the update. I know what I'm talking about here. The game is fundamentally different from a gameplay perspective post update due to how the character controls. That is undeniable. The reason it feels different is the smoother frame rate upgrades. That is great for most people but not for me. THATS ALL IM SAYING.

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