Okay finally got Tails working, a few questions.

Purchased tails on amazon

What? I'm assuming that you meant a USB flash drive on which to install your free TAILS installation available at their website...

Is persistence module necessary? Is that so you don't lose your bitcoin? I guess I'll use it, I need to right? It's recommended?

It's not necessary but it makes things easier because you can store things on the encrypted partition. For Electrum, your coin transactions are stored on their servers. Your Electrum client syncs to that. The main thing you need to worry about here is being able to recover your wallet, so you'll need to store your seed (about 12 random words that are used to identify your wallet) so that in the event of a hardware failure, you can recover your wallet. Probably want to store it in hard copy somewhere safe and not on the drive you're running TAILS from.

Can I send my coinbase coins directly to the electrum wallet, or should I send them to my multibit offline wallet (on windows) and then send them to my electrum? A direct send to electrum isn't dangerous/trackable is it?

I send from Coinbase to Electrum and haven't had any issues, but that doesn't mean it's perfectly safe. If you're connected to any of the wallets that the coin transfers into, it's still a paper trail in the block chain. This is why people tumble, but there's a debate about whether that's necessary for someone ordering personal amounts. It's ultimately up to your own risk tolerance.

Last time I used an online javascript pgp encryption tool, was told it was safe because it didn't save online it was just in the browser. Is there some other pgp thing or is that safe to continue using? I'm guessing tails comes with one.

Using an online tool carries more risk because you do not know if the entity that is hosting the service is keeping copies of your private key. By hosting your own PGP encryption from within TAILS, you can be more assured that you're the only one with access to your private key, and therefore are the only one who can decrypt messages that were encrypted with your public key.

If I tumble before sending to my electrum wallet, can I send those directly to the dnm or should the tumbling occur only for sending to the dnm wallet?

If you want to tumble, what matters more is just that it happens at some point between the source and destination. You can do Coinbase > Electrum > Tumbler wallet > Market if you want. I'm unsure if there's a reason not to send directly from Coinbase to a tumbler but according to my own anecdotal evidence, sending from Coinbase to Electrum is not an issue. If you want to tumble after that, tumble away. Just use different receiving addresses in Electrum when transferring from Coinbase.

I guess my last dumbass question is that if I delete my posts on reddit and just use this usb that I formatted (although it was purchased online which I heard is bad) will it be safe to buy candy? I need some candy in my life.

Not sure why anyone would think it's bad to buy a USB drive online. They're not illegal nor are they paraphernalia any more than buying a replacement hard drive for a laptop is.

oh btw is alphabay the only thing available, or are there other markets which have stuff cheaper/good quality that alphabay doesn't?

No, there are other markets. In the side bar there's a link for Market Superlist. Prices will vary between vendors, where they're located and the product being sold.

Word of advice, try to order domestically and not have packages traverse customs. Comparatively there's less risk domestically.

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