Is it okay to have a gaming as your primary hobby after 30?

There’s nothing inherently wrong with any hobby that brings you joy. It’s the effect that is has on you and others that you should be mindful of.

I think I had four serious hobbies in my life before marriage and kids - cooking, music, running, and early on, gaming. I dropped gaming years ago because my wife can’t stand it and it is therefore not something she and I can do together, and I began to find it socially isolating. Plus it is sedentary and I spend enough time being sedentary at work already. Music has sort of gotten squeezed out after having had kids. So, I’m left with cooking and running. Cooking has some obvious fringe benefits for health and family life, and running is a meditative and physical health boon for me. I’m still doing things I enjoy, but try to focus on those that have multiple ancillary benefits when squeezed into a tight schedule.

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