Okay let's see. For $54 Bln we could permanently house 270000 US citizens in a $200000 1-bedroom unit or we could spend $54 Bln on Ukraine's hopeless war so more people will die and hundreds of thousands become refugees

Oh please. Don't take this as a personal attack on you, but as a boring old shitlib (aka a "cultural Marxist" and/or "social fascist" and/or enemy of the human race), everyone can go fuck off on the subject of people not having homes, because I've seen this one play out first hand. You build homes for the homeless and the right will call it an engineered haven for crime or a government boondoggle or giving minorities free housing to get their votes. The left can fuck off, too. You build it (or just try to build it) and it's called a poverty trap or a concentration camp and they'll do that while jerking off to Khrushchyovka architecture. Liberals can't be let off the hook either, they don't want it because it might bring the price of their own home down.

Everyone is full of shit when it comes to this subject and no, it isn't because "they" don't want us to have a solution. It's all self interest and no one wants to solve the problem of homelessness unless they are allowed full control of the world first. The homeless are just a football.

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