Is it okay to have no friends in my company?

I would try your best to have at the very least one friend at work. Even if you don’t talk to them much besides work related stuff (or care to talk to them outside of work) just having someone that you are not afraid to talk to at work can come in handy (ex. Sitting beside them at lunch, asking them for help when you need it, etc.).

Personally, I know people at my workplace that I consider to be my work friends (people that I am around and talk to the most at work even though I don’t talk much at work besides when I have to for work related reasons, I maybe talk to 2 people about personal stuff but only if they bring it up first, but I don’t have any relationship with them outside of work).

It has helped me a lot, especially when I first started and I needed help I always had one or two people I could ask for help and I wouldn’t feel like I was bothering them and they didn’t feel that either and genuinely wanted to help.

Also, even if you don’t talk about your fellow employees at work with other employees (I personally don’t talk about others at work but get to hear everything about everyone for some odd reason lol), most people will be talking about you behind your back, not in a bad way unless you do something not so great, but things like your work skills and even things you say to other employees (so be very careful what you say, I had this once where I went out for lunch with another employee one day and got talking about ourselves as I was new to the organization, and said something as little as what I wanted to do after school for a career, and I come in to work the next day and am getting my mail from my supervisors room when they say “so I hear you want to be a BLANK when you’re done school”. This totally caught me off guard as I only told this to that one employer I went to lunch with, and I had no contact with my supervisor for them to know that.

Sorry for the rant at the end.

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