Is it okay to watch childrens TV series as an adult?

Oh sorry I didn't know. I thought you were a male user.

People do judge and you can't stop others for this. As a man, I've observed that the societal expectations are still high. Not complaining or anything but I have noticed women tend to judge men much harsher on our maturity (especially eastern and Indian women, these women judge men harder).

I was once judged for eating honey nuts cheerios for snack. I know it's a cereal and I used to eat it because I was trying to cut down on chips. Apparently, she didn't understand and straightaway said I was immature. Afterwards, I cut my friendship with her.

Point is, it's OK to have variety of choice, interest, anything. But it's not right to make small taunts just because you don't find it socially acceptable based on a person's age.

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