Okay y'all notice the Christians lately or what

I'm a little confused, I think you shifted grammatical tense as if you had started speaking to a room or a group of people when it's only you and I here. If I have offended you, and my attempts to clarify that this was not my intention have not been sufficient, then I may in turn need you to clarify what I said or how I said it. I don't believe the grandstand about "what bothers you most" about people that I remind you of is appropriate, but I fear you did never intend to engage with me in earnest.

Let me try to rearticulate the crux of my intention in making this post once more: I presume you are not a Satanist. I am. I participate in subreddits for demonaltry. When Christians join and participate in those subs, it is not generally because they practice, it is because they are afraid. Sometimes they fear they have been magically attacked, sometimes they fear they have become possessed. In those situations, I do what I can to reassure them they are okay or going to be okay. I may offer them a banishing technique, and advise them to speak with their pastor or priest if it endures.

So that's how it goes in the demonaltry subs. When I described an "influx" of Christians, perhaps that was the wrong word. Really, I would say I have seen around 5 posts (here, to r/occult) in perhaps the last week that had similar content to the posts I mentioned from demonaltry forums--people worried about going to Hell, worried about being deceived by the Devil, etc. I haven't seen that here before, and I wondered if anyone else had noticed. Thus far the answer seems to be "not really" which is fine, because I had no particular conviction or agenda in asking. I regret that it came off like I was suggesting they or any other Christians be removed, I really hadn't meant that but enough people read that off my words that I don't dispute that I gave off the wrong impression.

You, though, with this assertion that you know my real motives regardless of what I say, you are disrespectful and you have been this entire exchange. If I were having a temper tantrum as you say, where is the temper? Surely I couldn't sustain my falsity in the face of the one who so readily uncovered my true convictions--don't you think I would have cracked by now?

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