Oklahoma state senator found with boy in motel charged with prostitution

"Nazis" is a nice little hate filled buzzword, just like a plethora of others to label a group of people. It's something progressives and liberals are supposed to be against right? If that's what being a liberal or progressive is all about I'm not sure I want ANYTHING to do with that.

Nazis believed in national socialism (against international socialism and free market capitalism), social Darwinism (the belief in Aryan Nordic master race), were born out of the German workers party (anti communist, anti big business, anti capitalist, anti Semitic and anti Marxist), believed in the idea of a people's community (to unite racially desirable Germans and excluding others to include political opponents).

Also, the term far right is thrown out there. But what does that mean? Far right MUST mean the alt right shouldn't it? The alt right is far right so that must be Trump supporters. Welll not exactly. Far right political systems just mean more government intervention while far left mean less. Isis is far right, Nazis are far right, fascists are far right, the first steps of socialism is far right, libertarians are far left, anarchists are far left, some progressives are left. Our political system is different. The terms left and right have a different meaning.

When lines are drawn... we label ourselves as "left" and "right" and lockstep together that's when we become authoritarians. That's when we throw out ignorant buzzterms likes Nazis or communists.

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