Old lady customer: "I stopped for a wild boar, and it strode up and bent my headlight." No idea if she's full of shit or not.

Rimmer: [explaining a lateral thinking question.] 'It's 1971, a Swedish man crashes into a tree, what causes the accident?' There's nothing medical, nothing wrong with the car.

Lister: [deadpan.] Riiiight, so, um, this Swedish guy drives into a tree, what caused the accident.... Answer's in the back, right?

Rimmer: Right.

Lister: [milking it.] Well... That's a really hard one, that. I mean, probably gotta be pretty damn smart to get a question like that right. You know what, I'm gonna go for a moose.

Rimmer: A moose?! [scoffs.]

Lister: Yeah, it was in the road, he swerved to avoid the moose.

Rimmer: [checking.] Are you insane? That's never gonna be - it's a moose.

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