Old people no longer complain about kids being on their lawns and now complain about kids not playing outside

I remember my neighborhood in 1994. We had no emojis and only a small handful of crude simple "Oh.. Hi!!"'s
and simple little gestures that indicated interest on one another.
It was amazing that we were able to communicate at all, because we were so horny that we didn't even have to talk.
Our only communication was staring on each others eyes,
and maybe holding hands..

But after the first contact, instincts would kick in and then we would realize that nothing would stop us.
Eyes, gestures, hands, lips, tongues, privates, silence..
Everything would combine to one otherworldly experience that made up our day (week, maybe month)
[fuck it.. That shit made my whole life. I'm still talking about it.]

-I need to see you again.
-Yeah but where?
-I don't have a phone (because we wouldn't have them at least for a decade from now) but I will find you.
-Meet me on the court after school.
-I wouldn't miss it for the world (2018, still horny.. me)

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