Old post/theory of a very plausible case for Adnan's innocence that didn't get any attention… What are your guys' thoughts??

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In Domestic Violence cases, there is always a history leading up to such an event. Always. (I was on the Board of the local Shelter.) Unless a husband, in most cases, makes it look like an accident (usually there is another woman). I would challenge anyone to cite a Domestic Violence case where there were not clear and present warning signs. Only 21% of women are killed by their boyfriends. While 90% of women are killed by someone they know. Jay falls into this much larger statistic. Look at the cellphone patterns. The only time period Adnan uses his phone is between 5:14 and 6:59 (when none of the critical events of the day are happening). Meanwhile all the other calls are to Jay's friends. With the ONE exception of Nisha. The Nisha Call is at the top of the Speed Dial List. So it is totally inconclusive that Adnan was with Jay at this time. It is the one call that does not fit the pattern. When Jay has the car and cellphone by himself, all the calls are to his friends, including during the Leakin Park burial. So The Nisha Call is anomalous and suspicious. It does not fit the pattern. A rational-minded scientist conducting an experiment would throw this call out for that reason. When one is using the cellphone, the other is not. And that brings this up. As you say, Adnan needed to be at the Mosque, and pick up the Ramadan meal at his house before that (6:59 Adnan/Woodlawn Mosque). So why didn't he/they bury Hae's body before the Mosque? Instead of messing around at Kathy's house? The sun set at 5:05 in Baltimore that day. But you're saying that Jay, the ever obliging accomplice, buried the body that someone else murdered, alone? This is so flawed. (As to the possible theory that they both killed Hae together, this again would require Jay to have a motive...different from Adnan's.) How does anyone explain the overwhelming amount of calls to and from Jenn that day? Because Jay needs rides. From the I70 Park-and-Go, possibly via his house to pick up a shovel (4:27 and 4:58 Jay's house per Susan Simpson's "Comparison"), back to where he left Adnan's car/met with Hae. And he needs a ride from leaving Hae's car on Edmondson Avenue (8:04 and 8:05). Why Adnan remembers nothing. To reference Susan Simpson's call records again: Jay and Adnan are at McDonald's at 5:38 (Krista). By the time they get to Kathy's roughly 20 minutes later (6:07), Adnan is practically drooling on himself in the corner "slumped over." How to account for this? Jay is a drug dealer who was at his connection Patrick's house earlier (4:12 Forest Park). Jay put a date-rape drug in Adnan's drink at McDonald's. Too cunning? It succeeds brilliantly doesn't it? Adnan's memory is obliterated. Jay did this as his insurance should his 3:45 Jenn alibi fall through, before the cellphone log made its advent. Not to frame Adnan, but to insure he would not be a reliable witness should Jay get caught and go to trial. Jay is street smart and not to be underestimated. What is Jay's motive and how did he gain access to Hae? There is proof that Jay had a motive and did gain access: Hae is dead. And Jay left breadcrumbs in the form of calls to his friend(s) during all the critical events (not just during the actual murder, as in the Nisha call). Because something important was left here: Krista testifies that Adnan did ask her for a ride. Maybe he wanted to get something to eat close by before Track and would walk back. (There are reasons other than murder to ask for a ride.) Adnan happens to explain to Hae that Jay has his car. Then Krista further testifies that Hae came back later and told Adnan she could not give him a ride because, "Something's come up." That "something" is a meeting with Jay, yes, over Stephanie, who is Jay's only "amazingness" in life, and for whom he would move heaven and earth to protect (his relationship with). Hae gets in touch with Jay the way all the Magnet students do who want to buy weed from him. Then look at Jenn's police statement: “So Jay gets there [her house] around 1:30… Jay says he’s waiting for a phone call and he didn’t say who from. […] Jay talked on the [house] phone to whoever and then um then Jay left. I don’t know what time. I’d say anywhere between 2:30 and 4:15.” Yet we know where Jay is at 2:36. He’s near Woodlawn where the cell tower pings. So 2:30 is the correct time. In fact Jay’s calling to Jenn’s house at 3:21 and 4:12, so he's not there. And we know this was not the "come get me" at Best Buy because that timeline's been blown by Summer and Laura. Why Adnan does not page Hae. Because he did not suspect foul play. All the kids at Woodlawn were trying to rationalize where Hae went. This is a common common emotional defense mechanism. Especially when you're a kid and think you're still invincible. People you know are not murdered. Sure, in hindsight, it's easy to "should" all over ourselves, but we weren't there. And most of us are not 17 any more, so trying to think for a 17-y-o is fruitless. So that leaves Adnan's "obvioius" guilt resting on his later recanting to Adcock or other detective that he does not remember asking Hae for a ride...while he is sitting in jail on a capital murder charge. Anyone, even someone who is innocent, might purposely "not remember" this single detail. And "not remembering" is not a lie. Look how expertly Jenn uses this ploy to not perjure herself. In fact, if lying were "proof" of guilt, Jay would be where he belongs right now, along with Jenn. For more, go to “Serial Podcast: Cell Data Timeline Shows How Jay Acted Alone” http://ascensionconfidential.com/2014/11/25/serial-podcast-explanation-of-cellphone-ping-timeline-in-relation-to-events-of-murder-of-hae-min-lee/

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