Old Shoe 2020!

About half the US population lives in 9 states (Cali, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, PA, NY, Texas, Illinois) which a total of 161.1 million people where the half way point is only 400000 more. I could make it 20 states but even then 10 states shouldn’t determine who rules the other 40. If 40 states voted one person and 10 voted the other it would be a giant slap in the face. There truly would be no point in voting if you live on states like Wyoming as your Vote would mean shit for fuck. I think personally everything should be by state to avoid that and the federal government should just be there to make sure people stay in check. If CA doesn’t want guns but ND does they should just restrict them in CA while ND is lax. And when you break it down to county you see how much would be underrepresented


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