that's great! I wish I could do that too. A lot of chunks in my world corrupted, which causes them to be shifted around and in the wrong location, and everything looks distorted and horrible. This was about a week ago. Since then I'm trying to fix that, with a tool called "Region-Fixer", which deletes the corrupted chunks, and Minecraft then regenerates them. But it isn't working. I wrote to the creator of the tool, but he hasn't responded yet. 1.16 is coming out next week, and until then I need to fix that, and that's a lot of time pressure. And even if it works, I will lose a lot of the stuff I built, and all that cuz I didn't made a backup of my world. I'm sorry, that's not interesting at all, but I really needed to get that off my chest. I miss Minecraft so much :(

Remeber to make a backup at least every week.

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