I was on academic probation. Just got my grades in and it's not good.

My university has one main campus and 3 other campuses located throughout the city. To be honest, I don't live close to the campus that I have classes at cause there is nothing to do out there. I know very few people who live on campus or near campus. That being said, I've had students in my class that had to drive over an hour to get to class and they were there every single day. Also, I understand that not living close to campus cause I want to live in an area that has some nightlife and things to do isn't a good excuse. I had to deal with a bunch of bullshit this semester. You can think they're just excuses all you want, but if I've got evidence to back up everything I'm saying. I've got proof that my license was suspended and I couldn't drive anywhere without risking being arrested. I've got proof that my computer died on me and I had to buy a new one mid semester. I have proof that I was kicked out of my apartment mid semester due to noise complaints. I tried to find a solution to not having a computer for a couple of weeks. There is literally nothing anywhere close to me where I had access to a computer to work on some stuff. No library close to me. No internet cafe close to me. Nothing. I attempted to do some work online with my phone, but Blackboard wouldn't work on it. I notified my professors as early as possible that I didn't have access to Blackboard and that I would try to catch up ASAP. As much as you want to be like, "you don't belong in college" I was stuck in a shitty position this semester. I've made it to my final year of my major. This was after 3 years of community college. I screwed up my first two semesters and spent the next two years getting As and Bs in order to pull my GPA up to the point where I could transfer. Then I transferred and I was doing very well until the last two semesters. So really, kiss my ass with your "he doesn't have the right attitude for college." I worked my ass off to get to this point.

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