On August 7th I finished hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. 2653 miles in 96 days!

What a leap. Here I am saying that spending a bit more money in your twenties to have a life changing experience is well worth the relatively minor reduction in savings. I spent more than twice what this guy did when I hiked the PCT and it had little impact on my bank account. In fact it almost certainly improved my financial situation because I changed jobs and made considerably more after something I probably would not have done if I hadn't had that experience.

Whether or not you agree the actual point I'm making is this: Which is worse? Working your whole life only to get hit by a car (metaphorically or literally) right around retirement, or spending money and taking time as you age to have wonderful experiences and perhaps be unable to purchase quite as many new cars or fancy tvs when you retire??? I'll pick the former every time.

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