On the Birth Anniversary of Savitribai Phule, here are some awesome poems written by her.

The main problems of modern India are poverty, oppression, inequality,gender inequality, etc. These must be eliminated completely. These are evils in the society.

I come from Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka. I am Brahmin and my family is middle class. We live in rent house owned by so called low-caste. My family/relatives doesn't follow caste system.

The word i mentioned was "neo casteism". Every government document has field to enter caste. Actually ,suppressed/opprressed ones in sc/st need grants by the government not all. But,the sad truth is that all sc/st no matter the status of their life are getting grants/reservations by the government. And many sc/st people are getting deprived of the previleges by the government (illiteracy plays an important role here).

So,my theory is that person who is very poor must get enough money from the government to make him middle class. Person who is oppressed must be brought to well state and people who are oppressing must be punished. This is simple rule. Isn't it? But aiming at caste makes this impossible. Caste may include rich/poor people.

This also applies to jobs. Low-caste people no matter what get easy promotion. Well,if one is employed,he/she/them must be considered as normal employee as other one and talent/contribution must play an important rule here not caste.

Also,many times,i can see blind-hatredness towards Brahmins(recently from North Indian). We are also human beings. We being born in this timeline can't talk about ancestors/monsters who had label brahmins because we aren't them. This applies not only to Brahmins but also to general caste. So,the current system is not sufficient.

Maybe to make caste agnostic society, everyone must be caste-agnostic . Government must provide grants on the basis of evils/qualities not on the basis of grants. For ex., If a person is poor,they must be given money on the basis of poverty.(this is contradictory to current system where the government provides grant to people of certain caste).

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