On dankmemes

No it’s a straw man. Your compiling all these different “controversies” you’ve seen on subs, gamingcirclejerk seems to be your main inspiration, and creating a person. You’ve probably never actually met a person who complained about all of those things, or any of them at all. You’ve seen Reddit posts, news articles, maybe videos, but I highly doubt you know a person that embodies all of those ideas.

Mass hysteria? Lol. Where? You’re on the internet too much if you believe there is any hysteria over the things you’ve listed.

The average person doesn’t know about overwatch having gay characters because they don’t know what Overwatch is. Battlefield 5? Do enough people know about the game releasing for there to be hysteria? The average movie goer saw TLJ and promptly forgot it.

The people you think are so up-in-arms about video game character identity issues are probably not real. And those who are represent such a small minority that your best action is to live your life as if they don’t exist.

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