On this day in 1967, Celtic FC won the European Cup, beating Internazionale to do so. They were the first British, first non Latin and to date only Scottish club to win. All bad one of the players on the final grew up no more than 15 miles from Celtic Park - a momentous and historic achievement.

I probably phrased my response poorly, so my bad. What I meant to ask is why you said that because Celtic is in the British Isles they're British instead of just saying they're in Great Britain so they're British?

Using "British Isles" instead of Britain for your point sounded like it was needlessly complicating things because what the guy with the Bayern flair was talking about was Celtic's Irish-based identity and how they (according to him) don't refer to themselves as British because of it. You used Celtic being in the the British Isles to say that they're obviously British by default due to their geography.

Usually, for the people that use it, the term "British Isles" includes Ireland so your answer makes no sense because most Irish aren't British.

Also, despite how you feel about the term, it can be divisive so it sounded like you were trying to shoehorn in a completely irrelevant (and frequent) debate for no reason when you could have just said "Britain" which would actually made sense.

Tbh, I still don't know what you really meant. I may have completely missed something obvious in what you were saying but that's why I asked, instead you decided to ask me if I'm mildly autistic rather than just giving the slightest bit of clarity.

Just relax a bit, my question shouldn't have annoyed you enough to act like that.

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