On the horn-dog dance floor approach

I'm a Brazilian but of jew + italian descent, I'm blonde, blue eyed and big nosed, girls usually say I'm russian or british. I speak Brazilian Portuguese and I flirted with the girl with it, I'm living in Europe though.

hahahaha it's really the opposite of what you understood, I wasn't very clear. Yesterday the girl was a white British chick, but a Brazilian girl also did this, it's my game that is crap.

I really only mentioned Brazil because I had VIP status as a white guy so I didn't develop my game at all, it was complete ass because all I had to do was go to partys and walk around shirtless to get 5-15 make outs. Seriously I would stop hunting because I'd get bored of making out with chicks, so you can expect that my development really was stunted since I didn't have to work.

Bro, if you go to Brazil, let me tell you, all you need is a good physique and confidence. Literally that. Go up to a girl at Carnaval, grab her waist and say something stupid like "ever met the kiss master?" and you'll make out. If you connect during the kiss get the number. I really only didn't get laid due to physical health problems I had, but for any normal slightly muscular guy it's shooting fish in a barrel.

I've had group game as a priority for a while now, but it is something hard that requires lots of energy and practise, so i'm focusing on two sets and solos. Cold approaching a group really is hard work man.

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