On the HP website. Savage.

I have gone through 3 dell laptops with the same problems. They have hardware failures like motherboards, speakers, pads, keyboards failing without any instigator what so ever in fact they were barely carried anywhere. My old Toshiba ran for 10 years and still runs even though its obsolete.

I replaced the last Dell with an HP refurbished envy. i7 4th Gen quad core, 12gig ram, touch screen, design that looks 100% like the macbook with full aluminum build and it cost me 720$ only. Been running for 2 years under heavy stress temps, sometimes all day gaming when I'm travelling and gets thrown in with the luggage and carry ons. Still 0 problems what so ever.

So quality is all product based. Instead of buying a new laptop built cheap for 800$ buy a refurb which costs new at 1000$+ and comes with a warranty.

Funniest thing is that my model of laptop is 90% of the times classified as refurbished because of an issue called "ghost clicks". Your average college chick buys it, reports its clicking without her touching it and gives it back. It goes to the factory, they test and see its perfectly fine, they wipe the screen with a paper cloth and ghost click disappears because its a fucking touch screen, you sneeze on it and the water droplet will cause ghost touches, just clean in ffs.

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