On Netflix: Explained where they discuss attraction, they suggest that as women become more financially independent they are more interested in physical attraction than financial security. Likewise, men are *slightly* shifting their interests towards a woman’s income. How does this affect you?

That's fantastic imo, keep going - taking care of your health, demonstrating you reliability/responsibility, self-sufficiency, going out and interacting with women so they can see your behavior/body in action - women are not visually stimulated by photos, so OLD is a cock-block for regular men, the average man might as well be a dick pic because they cannot fairly compete with other traits women find attractive - increasing your masculine hobbies: learning how to do repairs, etc .. basically complimenting her, instead of just sitting there looking will increase your odds, making her feel good - instead of gushing at her about how she makes you feel, all important

The niche "woke" crowd are pushing this - lol which is fine and all, but a vast majority irl are not interested in this type of man - men that have an abudance of feminine traits with no masculine traits, makes her lose attraction because he stops being that man he was in the beginning

the few women that are fine with shit like this, are women in dead bedroom situations with their over-femininzed husband that crossdresses at night for a hard-on, which is fine if the woman has a dead libido herself or they are in an "arrangement"

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