On North Campus this Morning

Interesting dichotomy between the conservative construction workers and the woke Ivy League college students.

The so called working class tends to be socially conservative: pro-gun, more religious, patriotic, etc, while economically center-left. The finance bros, wealthy conservatives tend to be the opposite: economically right-wing: leans towards more capitalistic policies while socially left wing.

Democrats base is stronger among POC, women and upper middle class class college educated people. This is because they tend to be both socially and economically left.

The swing voters are the working class voters who are socially conservative and economically left.

And also aren’t monolithic voting blocks. For example Trump leads Biden with Latinos in FL and back in 2016 there was a huge Indians (Asian) for Trump fundraiser in NJ.

The sad thing is American politics have gotten so polarized lately I don’t see much progress being made in the next decade or so.

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