On open relationships

A couple years ago a girl I was seeing, suggested we try an "open relationship". I never directly lied to her and told her we were in a "committed" relationship, I slightly implied that was the case but I never really said it or agreed to that. But I had been seeing a few girls on the side and was kinda tired of sneaking around and this was in 2012 during which time I became aware of a very large escort service available where I lived. Literally 300+ girls under one company with new girls coming and going all the time and I was friends with someone employed by them (numbers guy I'm related to). Thats right, I'm sure you've put it together now. Charlie got the keys to the chocolate factory, I was sitting on a mountain of discount pussy a text message away. Up until she mentioned the "open relationship" I swear I'd never taken advantage of my access to escorts but I was constantly checking out their selection of girls. Pages of girls, black girls, latino girls, red heads, asians, old women, girls who looked under age, girls who kinda looked alike they called "twins", they even had a midget. You could literally send a text and fuck a midget, or little person/dwarf whatever the hell midgets like to be called. So naturally I kind of enthusiastically jumped at her offer. I don't ever get excited anymore but it felt like christmas morning and I was 8 again. We agreed, we would try to not do anything in front of each other but we could ask to have some privacy etc and we had to use protection every time. It was a solid hour later I'm fucking a redhead escort like it was going out of style. It was november 2012 because I had just got a good performance bonus and had a good amount of fun money on hand. Discounted escorts were cheap, like 100$ for 30 minutes and these girls were not some ugly gutter sluts either. Two weeks in and I haven't slept with her the entire time and I was fucking different escorts every night, I burned a couple grand doing that. I remember christmas was coming up and I eventually slept with her again and it was kind of terrible, just bad sex and I just wasn't getting anything as good as I was used to from her. She was really trying anything, I think she kind of knew it was coming to an end but I couldn't straight dump her before the holidays. We limped through the holidays, the family events, the christmas parties with her trying to blow me and fuck me at every turn and I was not really into it, except the blowjobs, who the hell turns down a blowjob. I remember the day I kicked her out the conversation started with her telling me "we should get married". It might just be me but an open relationship is probably the end of the relationship.

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