On the prevalence of corruption in the enforcement of traffic rules. The Anti-Corruption Federation of India, 2011.

Yup, very nice allusion to Shiva, which fits really well with the multifaceted, dishonest and hard to pin down nature of corruption. You ever try wrestling a guy with six arms? You have what looks like a baton implying physical intimidation, the radio and whistle suggesting they can call for 'backup' anytime and outnumber you and call HQ for information to threaten you with, the clipboard suggesting they can tie you up and drown you in red tape. The whistle, maybe bring attention and stop you anytime. You see them paying someone but picking their pocket at the same time, like the gold coins here with the added rupees being handed over by the victim of their shakedown who isn't even respected enough to appear in the picture. This suggests a more pervasive corruption that might extend into the judiciary. Like having to pay police and judges to get a good outcome in court or an insurance payout, which they'll take a cut of. The sunglasses and smart clothes suggesting how profitable shaking people down is, and a saintly halo to disguise it all, like a cherry on top. It's a wonderful world for the corrupt. Will shiva figures become modern propagandists octopi?

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