On The Rising Non-Working Class (And What Their Despair Says About Us All)

Out of my high school friend group, over 50% are NEETs into their 30s. None receive any government benefits at all other than food stamps.

Friends, family, and partners sustain them, they all are terribly depressed and do little of anything you would consider work. They also are happy with a terrible standard of living, provided there is internet, a computer, and a roof over their head, they can exist in their current state. Even when the roof leaks and is infested with mice, when the food is mostly ramen, and the computer an ancient hand-me-down from a friend that upgraded.

The most common thread other than depression, is refusal to do work they don't personally enjoy. The thing is, fields that line up with common passions are Extremely competitive and require work to break into, work they refuse to do. Even if being a bagger at food lion paid 30$ an hour they wouldn't show up, because that's work

Although worker abuse and shit pay is a cause, there is other factors to this increase in NEETs beyond that.

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