On a scale of one to ten, how is your day going? Why?

4 - Below average

I'm currently in training to become an industrial clerk which also includes attending school every tuesday and thursday. Not only am I repeating the same stuff I did for the past two years when I attended vocational college to qualify for this training, but I also lose half a day of work time. Today I was actually working for less barely over 90 minutes and I didn't get anything done.

I came home to play some DMC 5, to finish my Son of Sparda difficulty playthrough. Well apparently I lost every ounce of skill because I completed Mission 14-20 with D-Rank, the worst score you can achieve in the game. I have burnt myself out on the game for losing the little bit of skill I had previously acquired, and for playing it to the exclusion of everything else for the past 4 days. I now have another hour left before going my scheduled bedtime and I have no idea what to do with it. It's too little time to start a new game but if I go to bed now I won't be able to sleep out of the nagging feeling that I am wasting my evening

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