On the topic of body hair, it's actually super weird that women are expected to remain hairless like children

Since being hairless is prized for women, women who naturally are hairless absolutely do not face the same societal pressures as women who are not. This is in no way shaming those women. This post is calling out how fucking weird it is that at very young ages, girls are expected to remove all hair that begins to grow from their bodies. There is the expectation that all new hair that wasn't there pre-puberty is gross and must go.

Additionally, lots of women DO get discrimated against for having short hair! There absolutely is an expectation that women have long hair, and to do otherwise is seen as edgy. This is doubly true for young girls and adolescents!

There is nothing wrong with expecting hygiene and grooming. All humans should regularly bathe, cut their nails, and trim their hair. Trimming hair and nails keep both healthy and in good condition.

To conflate removing essentially all body with basic grooming is outrageous, and does not address the core problem presented here.

If you find it really gross that the implication here is that expecting women to be hairless like children is pedophilic, YES that is the POINT. This societal expectation should ABSOLUTELY be questioned and examined.

Please just ask yourself, "Why does a 12 year old girl feel like she needs to remove her armpit hair, her leg hair, her pubic hair?". Ask yourself why this is expected from that person for the rest of her life. If your answer to that is, "Well yeah, that is kind of strange, and that shouldn't be the expectation", then you have absolutely arrived at a reasonable conclusion.

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