Go on, try me.

It feels weird to just simply lump in the league as this irredeemable force because. Literally. As readers, we did genuinely see things slide into this. And what’s even worse is that the situations which brought them to All for One did not change in between these arcs. Not significantly at least.

Ignoring those issues has been a prominent issue in the hero side of the manga for awhile. I’m not saying this in terms of real life morals, but the conflicts presented by the narrative? Hawks couldn’t have given Twice a better life, not when the power imbalances and the quirk counseling and the value only found in people’s quirks is still an issue. Hawks didn’t have the strength to leave his situation, and maybe the best he could have offered was something that wouldn’t have fit Twice at all. We don’t fully know that.

No one suggested an alternative course of action because that’s the dead end situation they led that into. I’m not even fully blaming Hawks, really. It’s just his choices combined with the detachment from handling his own issues, his own relationships. Outside of Endeavor, Hawks consistently doesn’t try with people.

I mean parallels. Not the same background. Chisaki embraced his family’s ideals. His guardian’s ambitions and desire to have a place in the world again, giving the Yakuza power. That’s not different from Hawks and his relationships with heroism and his role in society either. What I mean to say is they both were raised to be devoted to the cause, whatever that cause is. They’re both tools to the people who rescued them. That’s all.

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