On writing women, nipples and more - A rant from a development producer

I understand why you'd rant about the nipple and clothing stuff. That's just horribly immature on the part of the "writers."

Thrown into your absolutes, you mention women being relegated to non-roles. Generally, I'd agree that this shouldn't happen, and there's no reason for it. However - perhaps not for female readers or producers - there are exceptions to this, yes? I mean, this issue certainly can't be on par with the other atrocities you mentioned, right? I guess what I'm thinking about are war films/series, and even perhaps male sports films/series, especially those that are true stories. I'm thinking of something like, say, Saving Private Ryan, or most recently, the critically-acclaimed adaptation of Catch-22. You wouldn't consider those on the same level as a nipple script would you? I'd understand if you, as a female, would pass on these projects, but do you consider their lack of female leads/characters as bad as describing nipples?

Again, I agree with your sentiments overall, and I'm sorry you have to sift through that crap. I'm just asking an honest question, to get a female's perspective.

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