Onaryc's jumps

  1. Teen Titans (money, powers, safety (radiation immunity)) Take Costume, Theme song for free. Allowance (100cp) receive $100,000/month worth of local currency each month. Take the Athlete background (100cp) Get Martial Arts for free. Supernatural Durability (300cp with discount) gives you immunity to conventional physical damage, and complete immunity to extreme heat, freezing cold, and (important for the Marvel, and MCU jumpchains) immunity to harmful radiation. Take Teleportation (300cp) for no limit distance teleporting (just be able to picture the arrival spot in mind). And Elasticity (200cp) just to round it out. ###Notes: Consider adding in the companion here. Gets basic powers and money coming in. This helps getting prepped for various jumps and safety. Also, the $100,000/month is approx 75 ounces of gold/month, or 75g for Forgotten Realms. If you don’t use the money, you could bank 9,000g per jump just with this benefit for Forgotten Realms (to say nothing of the Fashion Label, or the Prophet’s Profits from Austin Powers…). In just money value, that is $12 million per jump. One jump saved should more than take care of the Monopoly jump. Taken first in the money jumpchain, gets money coming in every month. If buying salt the amount you can get is even more… ###$100k/month along with super-powers for the Teen Titans (including no-limit distance teleporting).###
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