Once had sex with a stranger in exchange for a place to spend the night. Took his money the next day.

I'm curious as to why you think she didn't have options?

she was a teenager in a city far away from home, at night, during the winter. Her parents don't know where she is, and if she were to call, they likely wouldn't be able to get to her soon enough to provide help, but only to get angry and punish her. so if she can't get to her parents, who does she call? again, far from home, so unlikely she had any friends or family that would be close enough or willing enough (or whom she was close enough to be comfortable contacting) to get her at that time. You mentioned missions, but I wouldn't have known about that, it's very likely she didn't either, not to mention she doesn't have GPS so she can't exactly just locate one and walk to it.

The problem I have is that you say "She willing did something that in retrospect she shouldn't have done." She AGREED to sex, she did not agree to all the humiliating and likely painful sexual acts that he did to her. At what point would it be abuse and not consensual, in your mind, if he's already choking, puling her hair, and smacking her? Would he have to choke her until she passed out? Make her bleed? Agreeing to sex is not the same thing as agreeing to every form of sex -- bdsm, anal, watersports, and a melee of others things, especially if they involve pain. These are things you have to discuss, because otherwise, if you're causing them pain or trauma, you're abusing the person you're having sex with.

Just because she could've gone out into the cold in the middle of the night to try and find another option, doesn't mean she should be blamed for not doing so. It is very understandable, and hard to make the right decisions when you're young, alone, and scared. And I consider his behavior without a doubt abuse. I'm not some feminazi or something, but it's extremely clear that he saw the desperation of her situation, and exploited it. Not once, but multiple times. That is sickening and if she had known how he would treat her, it's unlikely she would've consented to going to the hotel with him.

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