Once you go Open has anyone ever gone back to monogamy?

We have discussed it but not in couple yrs, its super awkward now....I asked her why is my buddy texting her all the time and she said just friendly...Her solution was why dont I text his wife more and I dont even have her number so was weird response..I got drunk with her and hit on another wman couple weeks ago (not real bad but thought I was in trouble next morning) but she said its all good. And said some guy was buying me beer, same guy that was standing next to her at concert. I dont get that....And last she has got the working out bug all of a sudden, she is lazy usually but stopped the open marriage when she gained weight so I know its connected somehow.....And she is literally ALWAYS on her phone but I cant find anything...on it or any sign she has done anything but I know some apps are hidden..

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