Once I go the route of only being able to have sex from escorts, I know that there is no turning back

You're mistaken. OP is on his way to learn the truth about people, and this will serve him well in the future.

OP, here are some truths about people, men and women, and whole lot of other things:

  • people are inconsistent. They say one thing and do the exact opposite.
  • people hate self-accountability, and accountability to everyone else. On the contrary, they love to hold everyone else accountable
  • moralistic people are rare.
  • women are self-centered by nature and are led mostly by instincts, desires, and emotions. They also do not care about men as a whole, and are much more inherently sexist in general.
  • men are generally servants to another power, and must learn to master themselves while being mastered by another. It is from this detachment and debasement of the base human self that men attain logic, purpose, reason, and reflection
  • women do not love men. Men love women.
  • women never lose an argument simply because they refuse/or cannot see logic or reason. They do not care about it, and therefore they act like winners even if they have in fact lost.
  • men attempt to keep winning women over through arguments because they think it wins women over. It doesn't.
  • men have to be trained to ween themselves off of women.
  • women do not think of men. Women think of what other women will say about themselves
  • it is a woman's nature to consider herself the most important creature in all of universal history.
  • women do not think that men are entitled access to them. In contrast, women believe they are entitled access to men.
  • women hate the fact that men must be sexually pleased for them to conceive children.
  • men are often too dumb to realize that a great number of women are not fit for reproduction and motherhood
  • sex is overrated
  • inner masculine peace and contentment is far more fulfilling than anything a woman can do for a man. There is one exception though, and that is when she submits to be the mother of your children.
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