One of the biggest reasons people are turned off from Christianity is Christians themselves.

Those of us who worship in truth worship what we know. You confuse people who identify with and partake in Christian culture, which is a wide net, with true worshipers.

Would they not call themselves believers too? No true Scotsman...

You never understood or perceived the Spirit of God, or you wouldn't be an apostate. I don't doubt that you were convinced that you believed and took it seriously, though. But if you never truly perceived it, you could never believe.

Again, no true Scotsman. I myself grew up as a believer. I perceived and understood the "Spirit of God", and frankly I take great offense to the accusation that just because I am no longer a believer, my faith was, in that period, somehow less than that of those who still believe. Then again, I suppose my own belief was ground in an emotional understanding of Christ, and as my intellectual understanding of Christ and Christianity grew, it came to correspond more with what I know to be true about the natural world, and less with an emotional relationship with a supernatural entity whose existence ran contrary to that knowledge. After that the house of cards collapsed, and I had a real grieving period - the personal God I had leaned on for many years never existed in the first place.

someone can't be truly blasphemous if they don't really know what they are blaspheming against

again, no true Scotsman :/

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