One of the biggest reasons people are turned off from Christianity is Christians themselves.

Maybe because there is no logic in christianity after all.

This is actually incorrect. The word for Jesus Christ in the bible is LOGOS. It's the word LOGIC comes from. It's like saying is the beginning and end of Logic. This is the source of the split within houses. Jesus said in Luke 12 that after him homes would be split rather than their being peace. From that point onward there have been those who thought the point of the LOGOS was to be loving, which changes from moment and people don't even agree on what it means, and there are those who think it means a way of being that stands the test of time and doesn't harm someone. Even the idea of what being a "Better person" is makes no sense to some. Me for instance. I have worked in all swaths of society. I have no idea what being a better person is. Most often the highest survival route without the least bad outcomes is being the most humble and crass. It has nothing to do with being "better" as I would understand better in any kind of moral sense. The only way to end up with least bad outcomes when facing powerful people who have no morals or completely different morals is for them to think their lesser powered adversary is humble like dung or a beggarly. If people were following Logic, they would be following the LOGOS implicitly. That word was chosen for a reason. So we have two halves a Christianity, and the world. The house divided. Those who believe Jesus supports logic, and those who think Jesus supports fleeting feelings. And in the case of abusers with emotional problems, they think Jesus is on their side as they give hell to their victims. While on the other side of the house, those who believe in Logic, the alpha and omega of which would be LOGOS, get sick and tired of bearing the cross of abuse.

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