This one car wreck about sums up driving in Baton Rouge

You're completely misunderstanding my point.

I'm not mad the ticket fairies aren't there. I get resources (to a point).

I'm mad that they're clogging interstate on ramps and other choke points ticketing inspection tags instead of being at trouble intersections.

Your counter fact that it's not u-turns causing most accidents there... well, given eight years of working right there, and feeling like I've witnessed otherwise, I just don't believe you. Since BRPD doesn't release traffic information in a transparent manner accessible in a modern manner (AFAIK?), I think you'll have a hard time convincing me otherwise.

Even if it was only 10% of that interchange's incidents, it doesn't change the fact that the law is violated in a very dangerous way every ten minutes, but there's no enforcement to change people's opinions.

Like driving on the phone. No enforcement. "You can't enforce it, waaah." Montreal HARD enforced, and now people are terrified to not use hands free devices.

Problems are infinitely solvable, priorities are out of whack.

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