This one for all the 9 to 5 (or more) squad), who is the most super productive / competent / lifesaver type of employee, colleague or coworker you know at your workplace or have you met one such person?

As the title says. Who is the most accurate guy or girl you have met at work or have met one. You know one of those people who are just pin point accurate, who knows everything about everything and in so me cases have saved lives of your team members during screw ups with their immense knowledge.

Well if you know such person: Can you narrate a story about them being a frkn life saver if they were your colleague or coworker Or If you could list their traits or any story of them just being too much knowledgeable it actually impressive than annoying.

Managers of reddit, have you ever had such a guy girl in your team how was your experience?

Note: english isnt my first language so apologies for grammatical mistakes

Im a data analyst by profession so I would love to hear stories regarding SQL experts, amazing pythonista, MS Excel gurus and like but stories from all types of processions are welcomed


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