The one girl not wearing a Niqab during the staged Tban shoot in Kabul University today

Many women inlay know they MIGHT be pregnant after 4 weeks. So really, two week? And even then you don’t seem like you know the full scope of how serious this is. Let me move back to Cali or Oregon? Oh I’ve never lived there. That’s thousands of miles and dollars that I might not have because of an accident or rape. You sound like a kook, dude. You also don’t seem to get the law. It’s 6 weeks after you are confirmed pregnant. An OBGYN can help that. But if you’re not sure than you don’t know. What if the office is filled up for a week? Just go get a premature abortion just in case? Take plan B every time you have unprotected sex with your partner of 5 years just because? Your reasoning for this is evil. Your rationale for it is flawed.

You are a bad kook who needs therapy.

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