You know that one guy/girl at work no one likes? Why doesnt anyone like them?

He texted a coworker back from maternity leave his dick and offered to help with pumping her breast milk personally.

She asked for advice from others at work but decided not to take it higher up so he wouldn't get fired.

His wife found the texts and he flipped it blaming her. His wife and friends have been on fb harassing her and calling her a homewrecker, fat (she just gave birth) and other things.

Female coworker has a breakdown and shows her husband. He calls the aspiring breast milk pumper and politely asks him what's going on and to please stop.

Male coworker flips it again and says he talks to everyone male and female that way. Not to call again, that this could've been a text and that he will apologize for the misunderstanding.

We all know, but since the female coworker doesn't want to make a big deal we just avoid him. Male coworker joke about when is he going to ask them to help pump.

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