One killed, 14 wounded in shooting inside a St. Paul bar early Sunday morning.

Please explain your argument? Did you need a study that explains triple digit number of officers cost many millions of dollars? Do you actually think cutting officers will be beneficial to keeping peace, responding to calls, detective work, controlling drugs, and trying keep order in the endless barrage of punk-ass thugs that can't make anything of themselves but a life of crime - like George Floyd and 11 time convicted felon, 3 of which were armed. Such a nice boy ol'George was...fuck me. This is why we need MORE cops; to baby sit low-life drug dealers and addicts, who are constantly fucking up and poisoning more and more individuals as they go through they're shit lives not caring who the harm. Go ahead vote to defund, and it will turn your ghetto into dark cold place that no one will ever want to visit, not even you criminals will want to live there, which is why they will spread into the suburbs. And it has already started with a few car jackings happening North of County Rd C in Little Canada. One at Acorn Park, really?? That wont happen much more until one or several gets deleted from existence. Keep your thug-gangsta wannabes down there where it steams from and with well funded police, guarding them from us.

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