As one of the many who love this game, I do think we need to post more about the love of the game.

you want this game to do well so you use the excuse of "I complain because I want this game to be good,"

Wait you are telling me what my view is while simultaneously calling it an excuse?

The issue I have is almost every post on here will usually have something negative about SFV in the comment section, usually from people who either haven't played the game or just trying to rage at the fact that they can't get past a certain tier.

Assuming how much people play the game, and insulting their skill level because you have an issue with criticism about the game?

If newcomers stumble upon this sub to only feel like the game is an unplayable buggy mess...then they will be turned off heavily by it. With no newcomers there will be low expansion of the game's player base.

Newcomers are capable of thinking for themselves and forming their own opinions. If the player base drops, fine. That reveals that the people aren't satisfied and want changes.

That will overall of kill the game and now what? We go back to USF4 I can promise a lot of the people who swear by that game forgot about how that game was plagued with many of the same "issues" SFV have.

You can promise people forgot about the similar "issues" USF4 had? How can you promise me what other people think?

So, my point with this post is...we need to post more about how much joy and fun this game has given us...instead of letting this sub get hijacked by trolls or people who can careless about this game's success

Please make a post about the joy and fun of SFV. I am genuinely curious. Calling people "trolls" that "hijacked" this subreddit for not sharing your view doesn't make me want to listen to your opinion though.

if SFV dies then the FGC will slowly go back to the poverty dark ages once again.

If SFV dies then that is the will of the people. We will see what happens.

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