One of my earliest and worst gaming memories will always be the first time I looked up at that ring

  1. I bought 1, it red-ringed. 2nd one did, too. I got official refurbs so that makes 3 and 4. Both red-ringed. Had a friend at GS, traded in one for a brand new one. Red out of the box. Returned it. Got another brand new one. Red again. Returned it once again and used that one until I bought the PS4 at launch after Microsoft tried the “always online, digital-first” horseshit and haven’t looked back. I had 97,000 gs and didn’t think twice about dropping them. My PS4 has been chugging since launch and has provided all the best games on all plats plus the best exclusive roster. Coupled with my Switch, I haven’t missed a single game worth playing this gen. I always pick the winning horse.
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