One of my favorite pictures I've ever taken, from high above the State Fair a couple years ago. Do you think we'll have one this year?

The ReOpenNC people were not wearing masks, and were mostly a bunch of posturing asshats trying to show off their guns. They should have stayed the fuck home. But I was talking about the Trump rally. A politician who is belligerently opposed to masks, and has a long track record of not paying his bills after holding his supposedly "economy-boosting" rallies.

The protestors have been wearing masks, and still expect to get COVID. If not from wearing improper masks or wearing masks improperly, then from having the police pull them off to pepper spray them directly in their faces. Still, when you have such a brutal force attacking fellow citizens, it is worth braving the risks to oppose them.

Yes, everyone should be united in the singular cause of defeating COVID - regardless of political affiliation. Just as everyone, regardless of political affiliation, should be opposed to a government-funded force being used to suppress the 1st Amendment rights to free speech and peaceful assembly.

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