One of my students decided to punch me in the stomach yesterday. Im 8 months pregnant

I hope you and your baby are ok! Teachers are so underpaid, under appreciated and it’s such a shame.

After he graduated college, my husband took a job teaching at an alternative school for kids who were kicked out of the public school system. This was in a major US city. The pay was about $30k per year. (This was around 2001). He drove an hour each way in grueling rush hour traffic. He taught 7th grade social studies, but most of the kids were way too old to be in 7th grade. He got hit, screamed at, made fun of every single day. I think he lasted a month. My husband is a big guy. He’s tough. Not much rattles him, but this place was absolute hell. I think if he would have taught in a regular school locally instead of this place, he would have done amazingly, but after that, even when he was offered a job as a part time college instructor, he couldn’t do it. That experience completely changed his perspective on teaching. It’s a shame because this happens so often and the teachers who end up leaving the profession are often the best ones.

No one deserves to be treated the way that you were treated. I hope the administration at the school you work for is being supportive. Most importantly, I hope your baby is ok. I’m glad you pressed charges. That kid needs to be held accountable. I’d bet no one has ever held her accountable which is why she’s like that. I also hope that this one asshole student doesn’t make you quit teaching, but if it does, I can’t say I’d blame you.

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