The one question Laila’s Katarina hasn’t asked:

Part 2

Did you find him?

SUTHERLAND: Didn't come easily, luv. The intel you gave me from Keen's apartment was a start, but took a few dustups to locate the real goods. The location for the KGB agent formerly known as Ilya Koslov.

This is an old photo.

Yeah. But the address is current and local. You could take care of business right now and be back for tea. For a surcharge, I'll even watch the cherub. Something the matter, luv?

Black SUV at two o'clock. You were followed.

Aw, bugger all. How do you want to handle it?

I don't know yet.

Do as we say, and you won't get hurt. Turn slowly. You're coming with us.

Sutherland! The driver!

BERDY: Hey. How'd the park go?

I got what I needed, but so did Morozov. His people were tailing Sutherland. I killed one of them. But they still took him.

Did the kid see anything?

She did.

What if she tells Keen?

She won't. Our problem is Morozov. He now has the source of our intel. It's only a matter of time before he extracts the location of Koslov.

Hello, Ilya. Been a long time.

BERDY: Your friend, whenever he gets here, he'll have to work quickly.

He's not my friend.

It's a mistake to do this here.

TO SKOVIC: Understood. No, we have the list. Everything will be ready when you arrive.

A short delay. He'll be here by tomorrow.

BERDY: I knew it. What kind of delay? –

I don't know. He's eccentric. You know how these creative people can be.

Insane, which is what this entire plan was in the first place.

We've talked about this.

No, I talked, and you pretended to listen because you didn't want to face the fact that this is junk science and a waste of time.

It's our best option.

He turns people into zombies. Half the time without any results.

I don't care. Others are willing to kill for what they want. Well, so am I. And if he fails, so be it. At least I'll know we've used every conceivable means at our disposal.

BERDY: The doll has the mic in it. Now how are we gonna get our intel? And Please don't say from Dr. Quakenstein.

Skovic's methods are unconventional, but they're effective. He'll get Ilya to talk, and when he does we'll have all the intel we need.

Did he talk? –

SKOVIC: I'm done.There are police everywhere, FBI.

So he didn't talk.

That's why they're here? Because you have another hostage?

Did he talk?! –


Then you're not done.

Like hell I'm not.

Let me know when Ilya's ready for another session. If you won't ask him questions I will.

I just got a call. The Kazanjian brothers pulled into town. We need to step up our timeline before it's too late.

Good news, Ilya. Dr. Skovic's done with you. The bad news is I'm just getting started.

What I find interesting, is that alone with Berdy, she is a very different person than with Red or Ilya. There is a methodical precision in what she does, and the only hint of an emotion is in wanting revenge on Dom, and telling the Illusionist that Red meant something to her once, and she had not wanted to kill him.

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