One theory of attractiveness suggests beautiful people are seen positively and these views become internalized, motivating altruistic behavior. New research, however, finds support for the view that beautiful people behave selfishly and feel entitled due to their bargaining power in relationships.

This came up somewhere else on here the other day. People are more likely to trust them and like them too... I always see this in at work and never know how to handle it. I'm in sales/finance, and we have business development reps whose singular purpose is to get potential clients to agree to sit down for a pitch. One of the ones on my team is a 26 year old woman who is supermodel attractive, and using her is like using cheat codes. She's got a literal 100% success rate of getting dudes to take lunch meetings, and over a 90% rate of getting a meeting in the office out of the lunch meeting. Where most people will spend weeks or months trying to get someone to lunch, then have maybe 70% rate of converting it from there...

So every time I'm looking to hire a new business development rep every fiber of my brain is saying "you need to hire another hot 26 year old. Get headshots to look at along with the resumes", even though that's obviously a super frowned upon way to hire.

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