One of these immediately led to gun control legislation

Hardly, they fight many anti gun laws. The majority (as in, vast majority) of members are normal citizens. There are lobbying groups for all kinds of rights but that doesn't mean they are focused on supporting only industry.

Likewise if the NRA cared about pushing business first they'd be pushing for banning private sales like California did as it forces people to go into an FFL (gun store for the uneducated) to get a used firearm. This puts more profits into gun dealers and another chance to push sales. But currently, the only ones pushing this are the anti gun lobbies so there is a gap in your logic process.

There is also the NRA-ILA. They primarily fight easier cases that they know will win and may not be as effective as smaller ones (SAF, ect.), but they do a fairly decent job of fighting various other gun laws/restrictions.

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