The one thing I don't get about pantheon... Why on earth cant you just say on the pantheon page which map I need to run?

It's not worth it unless you're SSF of just lazy. It cost a divine plus 5 random flasks. Gives you 5 divine vessels (just "vessels" from this point).

Divine orbs (just "orbs" at this point) are worth ~(about) 10 chaos pretty consistantly through leagues. Vessels are worth ~1.5 chaos, meaning the recipe costs you ~10 chaos and gives you ~7.5 chaos worth of vessels.

We only have to factor in price of the orb and not the flasks because the recipe lets us use any flask, any combination thankfully. Meaning you can just gobble up 1 wisdom scrap flasks in A1 Lioneye's Watch for your recipe.

Just not worth it unless orbs go down to ~7.5 chaos from ~10 or vessels go up to ~2c from ~1.5c, orrr they meet somewhere in the middle, or whatever. So basically only worth it if you're in need and SSF.

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